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This project is a minimalist "clone" for PhpInfo().

I imitated the look on purpose. My goal was not really to have a tool to help debug problems, 
but mostly to check MVC was working properly, as a quick test for new Mono installations on Linux machines.

While doing so, I realized it was also usefull to see how server variables were different between browsers.

Anyway, I certainly hope it can be useful to some, and I would certainly appreciate some help, as I am far from being an Asp/Mvc guru! I would love to make this into a DLL and a simple function to call,
just like with PhpInfo(), instead of a whole (tiny) MVC project.

BTW, this has been tested with ASP.NET MVC 4.0, both on Windows 8 and Ubuntu Server 12.04, with XSP and Apache.

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